Why use easy@work?

Make more money

Educated staff equals higher sales
Crew incentives improve sales
Gives you better margin overview

Reduce cost

Accurate timepunches
Lower your adminstrative costs
Reduce turnover

Optimize crew performance

Individual crew statistics
Challenge crew to reach incentives

Easy administration

All data in one platform
Automatic schedules
Instant push-notifications

Want to know more about easy@work? Send us a message or call Stian: (+47) 909 22 929 / Kent (+47) 900 11 411

This is easy@work

easy@work is an administrative portal with different access levels for all employees within the organization.

Listed below are some of the features your company can benefit from.

  • Automatic generated work schedules
    - based on your budget and sales history
  • Push notifications
    - set up your own push notifications
    - read reciept
  • Staff manuals and guidelines
    - easy access for all employees
  • Internal Communication
    - campaign information
  • Sales
    - view budget, sales and results
  • Employee management
    - contact information, certifications, cost etc.
  • Language
    - adapted to any language
  • Timeclock
    - automatic generated payroll reports
  • Mystery shopping
    - customer satisfaction
  • Todo list
    - simple todo list with statistic possibility
  • Checklist
    - daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly & annualy checklist
  • HR archive
    - complete individual personnel files
  • E-learning
    - adapted to your business

easy@work will improve your business

To make an appointment Send us a message or call Stian: (+47) 909 22 929 / Kent (+47) 900 11 411

Always at hand when you need it

The company

Who are we?

Our company consists of major retail brand owners, store managers, software developers and IT technicians. With more than 100 work years together in the retail and restaurant industry, we know a lot of what the business is all about. This whole idea started up as a small scale, local solution for one establishment back in 2009. Since then, we have continuously developed the program and installed it in several locations. easy@work is currently used by many thousand individuals on a daily basis.

Our mission

Supply our customers with a simplified solution to make their businesses more profitable and easy@work.

Our offices

Jakob Weidemanns gate 9
7713 Steinkjer
Vestre Rosten 69
7072 Heimdal
Bregneveien 4
2007 Kjeller
Malmarintie 20
01380 Vantaa, Finland

For support: support@easyatwork.com / (+47) 415 86 100